Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there still openings in all of the camps?
A. Yes, Idyllwild sold out early in 2016 - so register soon.

Q. How do I register for camp?
A. Click on our Registration page.

Q. What kind of runners will benefit most from these camps?
A. The clinics & training are geared for all levels of distance runners from beginner to state champ, ages 13 through 18 (no older than a high school senior in the upcoming season). Athletes are grouped for workouts by ability. You can attend on your own or with a group from your school.

Q. What is included in the tuition fee?
A. Housing, meals, running instruction, clinics, runner's manual, camp t-shirt and all regular camp activities (except climbing wall and ropes courses - at the Idyllwild camp).

Q. Can I register online with a credit card?
A. Yes.  See our Registration or Tuition pages.

Q. What do we bring to camp?
A.  Please see the General Information form.

Q. When is the physical and tuition balance fee due (plus optional climbing wall and high ropes forms)?
A.  June 17th for the Tahoe camp and July 3rd for the Idyllwild camp.

Q. What if I do not turn in my paperwork or tuition balance by the due dates?
A. If there is a waiting list for the camp you may be replaced, forfeiting your deposit.

Q. What if my Physical appointment is after the due date?
A.  Send the balance and any optional paperwork - such as climbing wall form for Idyllwild - by the due date and send the physical at least 2 weeks prior to camp, or call our office beyond this deadline. Be sure to make a copy to use for the season.

Q. Can I use my school's physical?
A. Yes.  Be sure to make a copy to use for the season.

Q. How do I get directions to camp?
A.  Directions can be found by clicking on the specific camp page.

Q. What time does camp start and do we run on the first and last day?
A.  The camps begin at 3:00pm and end between 9:30am and 10:00am. Yes, we run on the first day at 4:00pm and the last morning of camp.

Q. Will I be housed with my teammates?
A. Yes, we automatically house you with your teammates in housing separated for males and females. If you will be attending camp with a friend from another team - let us know and we will house you together.

Q. How will I be housed if I attend camp on my own?
A. We house all athletes who attend camp on their own with others who attend on their own. We also place the individuals with our most outgoing counselor - and the group bonds very quickly. You will make a new set of friends at camp!

Q. Are coaches really free?
A. Yes, one (per team) 1st time to Runner's Workshop camp attends free with 2 or more registered athletes. Additional coaches from the same team pay 50% of the camp tuition. This fee is waived if the team has 14 runners registered, 21 for a third coach. We will also pro-rate this 50% for teams that bring over 7 runners but less than 14. Coaches attending with no runners pay 50% tuition. For coaches returning to Runner's Workshop for a second or more summer- one coach attends free for every 7 runners they bring, and the additional coaches works the same as mentioned above for the 1st time coaches .

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