General Information for those attending camp


Lake Tahoe (Echo Lake), Ca. July 22-27, 2018  /  Idyllwild Ca. July 29-August 3, 2018

Welcome to Runner's Workshop,

For the past 33 years Runner's Workshop has endeavored to bring the finest collegiate and high school training and clinics to all Workshop participants. The goal of our camp is to send you home a better runner then when you arrived. You will have an opportunity to spend a week training with some of the nation's finest coaches, counselors, speakers, and fellow athletes. You will be exposed to a variety of workouts (including the use of cross training); a dozen running specific clinics and the opportunity to attend additional advanced clinic sessions. In addition to the great running and clinics you will spend your free time taking part in a great variety of outdoor recreation, that will help build your self-confidence and bond you with your teammates and the other athletes who attend camp. By the end of the week you will be happily exhausted. You will have been immersed in a total running environment, and had a lot of fun throughout the week. If you make the most of your week at camp you will be set to enjoy your best season ever!

The information below is provided to prepare you for camp. Be sure you are in good early season shape (building a good base of mileage) prior to camp and ready physically and dedicated mentally to make the most of the workouts and clinics that will help you realize your running potential.

All paperwork and fees are due by June 18th for Tahoe and July 2nd for Idyllwild. Beginning on June 19th /Tahoe, and July 3rd for Idyllwild - any athletes who fail to turn in all their paperwork and fees may be replaced by a runner on the waiting list.  Please click here to pay your tution balance or here to access the physical form.

Please mail the physical form to Runner’s Workshop P.O. Box 5028, Los Alamitos, Ca. 90720.  You can pay the tuition balance with a check in the mail to our address above or on our website using paypal.

CLOTHING LIST: * You will spend the days in shorts and t-shirts, and the evening in sweats. *Rain gear (Tahoe) *Running shoes *Several pair of shorts *Several pair of socks *Sweats *Personal hygiene *Hat - for sun protection *Sun Glasses *Swim suits *Sun tan lotion *Windbreaker of light jacket *Beach towels *Flashlight *Clipboard, paper, pens *Jeans *Sleeping Bag & pillow, *Chapstick, *Bug spray for Tahoe

THINGS NOT TO BRING: Runner's Workshop does not accept any responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of participant’s gear.  So, please leave at home - whatever is not necessary for your running.

Coaches: Tahoe (Echo Lake): Helen Lehman-Winters (University of San Francisco), Devin Elizondo (UCLA), Jason Oswalt (Amador Valley HS),  Elite Skechers Athlete guest speaker. Idyllwild: Devin Elizondo (UCLA), Tim O’Rourke (Arroyo HS/LA 84 Foundation Lead coach). Steve Scott as a guest speaker -(Cal. State U. San Marcos 3 time Olympian and former US Mile and 1500 meter Record holder).

Camp Recreation: The Tahoe camp - Echo Lake camp offers great altitude running on dirt trails, volleyball and basketball courts, archery, canoeing, cliff jumping, pool and recreation room. This camp features “tent – cabin” housing with bunk beds. It’s located 1/4 mile from Echo Lake, 20 minutes south (and overlooking) Lake Tahoe. The Idyllwild camp offers great altitude running on forested trails, indoor gym (basketball) and indoor pool, volleyball, sports field, climbing wall*, high and low ropes course*, frisbee ultimate. (*one-time charge of $20.00 to use all of these - you can pay this on our tuition page - click here or at camp with a check or cash.  You will also need to submit a signed waiver form to participate in these optional activities.

Camp location, address and phone number: Tahoe (Echo Lake) Ca.: Thirty minutes south of Lake Tahoe. Mailing address: Echo Camp, C/O Runner’s Workshop, P.O. Box 228, Echo Lake Chalet, Ca. 95721

Idyllwild, Ca.: 2 hours east of Los Angeles. Mailing address: Astro Camp, C/O Runner's Workshop, 26800 Saunder's Meadow Rd, Idyllwild, Ca. 92549.

CHECK IN TIME is 3:00pm. Please do not arrive early - the camps will not allow our group to check in prior to 3:00pm. The first workout (a light check out run) will begin at 4:00pm. Camp ends between 9:30 and 10:00am. Athletes who arrange their own personal transportation will be required to check in their keys upon arrival.

Directions: The Idyllwild camp - see map below.  Although it is possible to fly in to Ontario Airport - it is very expensive to take a shuttle to and from camp.  If you are interested in flying in please contact our office and we will see if we can connect you with anyone to ride share.

Directions: The Tahoe / Echo Lake camp is located 20 minutes south of South Lake Tahoe. From Sacramento, the turnoff is 6 miles beyond "Twin Bridges" & 4 miles beyond "Camp Sacramento." (200 yards before there is a sign which says "Echo Lake"). From Lake Tahoe take the 50 and go just beyond the "Snow park" sign. Look for Johnston Pass Rd on your right. See map below and Please use Google maps or another internet application to search for directions to camp.

Those flying in to the Tahoe camp: The Reno Airport is about 1 & 3/4 hours from camp. When you fly into Reno you go to retrieve your luggage at baggage claim and buy your tickets here for the "South Tahoe Express." Their website is www.southtahoeexpress.com - you can find a schedule, check current departure times and fees and book a shuttle at this site. South Tahoe Express Phone (866) 898-2463. The tickets cost is approximately $35.00 one way or $58.00 round trip. Be sure you buy a ticket to Tahoe, not Reno. The shuttle departs at 10:30am,12:30am, 2:00pm, 4:30pm, 8:15pm and 10:40pm. You should ask to be dropped off at Harrah's Lake Tahoe Casino and wait for one of our counselors in the lobby. You should call our office a week prior to the trip and tell us what time your plane will be arriving . The trip time is about 1 & 1/2 hours. We will have a uniformed staff person in the Harrah's casino lobby from 2:00pm-2:30pm and 3:45-4:15pm to meet the athletes and transport them to the camp. You should plan on arriving at Harrah's between these times. Our staff will shuttle the athletes to camp from Harrahs at 2:30pm and 4:15pm ONLY. If an athlete arrives at any other time they will have to take a taxi to camp. When athletes arrive at Harrahs they should have a seat in the lobby (this is a gambling-free area) - we will transport 2 times during the two hour slot.* We will transport the athletes back to the Harrah's Casino arriving by 8:45am or 10:15am on the day of departure (20 minute trip). The athlete can then catch the return shuttle to the Reno airport. Departure times leaving Harrah's for the Reno airport are 8:07am, 9:37am, 11:07am, and more. We suggest you plan on either the 9:07am or 11:07am shuttle (either will work but the 11:07am is easier) from Harrahs to Reno airport and make your plane reservations at least 3 hours after the shuttle departure time you choose. Tickets may be purchased at the airport next to the baggage area, at their web site or through a travel agent.

You should double check the shuttle schedule on their web site.

* You must confirm with our office the time you plan to arrive at Harrahs -so we can plan transportation to camp. Please confirm 5 days before camp. If possible plan on being at Harrahs at 2:00pm - this way you will get to check in and your first workout on time.

SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS: If the participant requires a special diet, please include this information on the registration form.

CAMPER MEDICATION: All medication, prescribed or unprescribed, that is needed by a runner must be turned into the medical personnel upon arrival at camp. Accurate instructions must accompany the medication (see attached mediation form).

CLIPBOARDS / NOTEBOOKS: Each day the athlete will attend two highly informative clinics. Please bring paper, and pens for note taking.

TWO CAMPS ARE BETTER THAN ONE - each summer several athletes choose to attend two camps. Two camps offers double the clinics, running, and recreation. Each camp offers different training, coaches, speakers, clinics, and recreation which can be a great advantage for your training. Athletes who register for two camps receive a $50.00 discount off the second camp.

CAMP STORE: Camp photos, CD photo slide show of the week, souvenir sweatshirts will be on sale during the week. The Lake Tahoe camp has a small "chalet" close by that sells all kinds of snacks.  There is no snack bar at the Idyllwild camp.

CAMP IS CAMP! Remember you are attending a Running CAMP – not a hotel or resort. We focus on your running experience. Housing is what you would expect from an outdoor camp. Spartan and “outdoorsy” – camp food is camp food - not home or restaurant cooking and there are never enough showers. Remember you are here to become a better runner.

PROMOTIONAL CAMP VIDEO: You can view a short camp video by clicking here.

EXCESSIVE MONEY: There is a small snack bar run by off-site vendors at the Tahoe camp. There will not be snacks sold at the Idyllwild camp. All photos, videos and sweatshirts at camp may be purchased when the athlete arrives or with a check during camp or prior on our website using Paypal prior to camp. Please do not allow your son or daughter to bring more than $30.00 in cash to camp - unless it is to be used to buy camp items at arrival!

Athletes who drive themselves to camp - must turn in their keys when they arrive at camp.  They will be returned at the end of camp.

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