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Runner's Workshop Daily Training video

Athletes attending camp get a "hands on" total running experience. During the week every athlete will have done plenty of running, water workouts (with Aquajoggers), taken part in race strategy training, form work, core training, and plyometric conditioning workouts. We believe that "cross training" should be utilized to help every athlete develop as a "total runner". The morning workouts focus on 5 different training strategies. Each workout has a unique purpose. Our coaches will explain to the athletes the benefits of each workout and how they combine to help you maximize your potential. The workshop does not take the place of your high school or club program, it instead should raise your awareness to what it means to be a "complete runner." The afternoon workouts are what we call our "active clinics" which teach race strategies, water workouts, proper form drills, hill training and plyometrics. The Runner's Workshop athlete will leave our camp with a full understanding of the importance of cross training and how it helps to make the "total athlete." You get to train in a highly motivational environment with great coaches, collegiate runner / counselors and with all the great runners and high school programs our camps attract each summer.

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